The Radon XPro Story: Radon Awareness

Radon XPro was set up to respond to a widespread problem in Quebec: How is it that we hear so little about radon, but that it is also dangerous to health? 

The founder of Radon XPro, Mathieu Choinière noticed several alarms before deciding to found the company. 

The Field of Construction: The First Sound of the Alarm

Architect by profession, Mathieu Choinière is surprised to find that like him and his entourage, even professionals from the construction industry know little about radon.  

In the field, he receives various versions on the health dangers of radon gas, its composition, how it infiltrates buildings, the types of tests recommended and how to mitigate radon gas. This is when his interest grew, and the questions started to add up. 

Lung Cancer: A Second Alarm 

EnBy continuing his research online, Mathieu discovers that exposure to radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers (PNCR-C 2021). He then realizes that radon may be the cause of the lung cancer of one of his family members who has never smoked a cigarette in his life. 

Staggering Results 

His first client was himself. At that moment, Mathieu has been living in his house since 2009 with his wife and four children. His test returned an average recorded concentration of 299 Bq/m3 with peaks of up to 484 Bq/m3.

Health Canada recommends taking corrective measures from 200 Bq/m3, the threshold above which radon is dangerous for human health. He promptly installed a radon mitigation system and succeeded in lowering the measurement below 50 Bq/m3. 

Getting and Giving Real Answers

Afin de démystifier la question du radIn order to demystify the radon issue, he is taking training provided by the National Radon Proficiency Program in Canada (PNCR-C), drawn from the Midwest Universities Radon Consortium and the Regional Radon Training Center, related to the US EPA (United-States Environmental Protection Agency). It is the only certification program for radon professionals aligned with the guidelines established by Public Health. 

He is taught the essential concepts of radon such as: 

With his accreditation in hand and now convinced of the legitimacy of a company specializing in radon in Quebec, he decided to found Radon XPro. 

Our mission: To educate the general population about the dangers of radon and to make available truthful information, reliable expertise and a range of effective radon screening and mitigation solutions.   

When people have questions about radon, they should be able to get real answers.

Mathieu Choinière

With this long-term endeavour, he decides to work extra hard to make his company’s mission a reality. 

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