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Causes of Radon and its Dangers to Lung Health

The effects of radon exposure are often not well known in Quebec. Yet, increased exposure to radon is the leading cause of death from lung cancer in non-smokers. According to recent data from the Quebec Lung Association, nearly 20% of families who test for radon have a radon concentration above the threshold recommended by Health Canada (Journal […]

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Nearly 20% of Homes have a Concentration of Radon Gas that is Hazardous to Health in Quebec

While it was estimated that one in ten houses had a radon gas concentration above the threshold established by Health Canada of 200 Bq/m3, this statistic has now risen to nearly one in five houses, or 20% of homes in Quebec according to new data released by the Association pulmonaire du Québec (Journal de Montréal 2021).  Explosion of radon tests in Quebec Since 2020, the Quebec […]

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