Complete your post-mitigation test

To validate the effectiveness of the system, you must complete a post-installation radon gas measurement test. To do this, the technician has given you a measuring device – Corentium Home from Airthings. This device measures the radon concentration efficiently and accurately.

To Ensure the Validity of the Post-mitigation Measurement Test, Follow the Steps Below:

  1. Press the “reset” button on the back of the unit and wait for the unit to reset until the number of days indicates 0.
  2. Place the meter in the room where the initial test was performed; that is, in a living area such as a bedroom, living room, or office. The device should not be exposed to direct light or in a humid room (bathroom).
  3. Place the unit at least 50 cm above the floor, and at least 150 cm from any door, window, or ventilation unit. 
  4. Leave the device in the room for 72 hours.
  5. Important! After the test period, fill out the post-installation form.
  6. Return the measuring device free of charge to your nearest post office. The meter must be returned and received at Radon XPro within 12 days of installation, otherwise a $250 fee will be charged. 

Return your Device Free of Charge:

The return address

Radon XPro

1440 Ste-Catherine Ouest, suite 330, Montréal

(QC) H3G 1R8, Canada 

Bar Code to Show at the Canada Post Office