Radon Mitigation System

Mitigation systems

If the radon gas exceeds 200 Bq/m³, you should resort to corrective measures depending on the type of dwelling and the type of construction. The higher the concentration of radon, the more important it is to take corrective action quickly.


Our certified radon mitigation professionals ensure that the installed radon mitigation system reflects the latest approaches and techniques. A poorly designed or installed mitigation system can have serious repercussions on a home’s energy costs and on your health.


Our certified PNCR-C program professionals have the training and tools to ensure that the system has the least possible impact on home heating and cooling costs and that they will be efficient for the entire floor space of your property.

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Depressurization of the soil under the slab (DSS)

Depressurization of the soil under the slab is the most common technique used in residential settings. A pipe system and a radon exhaust fan are installed to extract radon and all other gases present in the ground, under the house and then expel them outside. When these systems are properly designed and installed, they can significantly reduce the radon levels in a home.

Depressurization under the membrane (DUM)

This type of depressurization targets radon levels present in crawl spaces where soil and rock are exposed. Using this approach, the radon is extracted under a polyethylene film placed to cover the exposed surface, then evacuated from the house using a ventilator and pipes.

Radon in Figures

A silent, dangerous, and fatal threat present everywhere in Quebec

Patient avec cancer


1st cause of lung cancer among non-smokers

Health Canada


16 % of lung cancer deaths are caused by radon gas

Association pulmonaire du Québec
Quitting smoking


Breathing 370 Bq/m³ is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes per day

Tuyau avec radon


Radon measure above which radon becomes a danger in your home

Health Canada


In Quebec, near 20% of homes have a high radon concentration requiring an intervention

Association pulmonaires du Québec, TVA nouvelles

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