How much does it cost to install a radon mitigation system?

The price of installation for a radon mitigation system range from $3,000 to $5,000 in Canada. The price varies depending on different factors such as the size, structure of your home, and the quality of the installation.

Most systems that are installed are under-slab depressurization radon mitigation systems if you have a concrete foundation. However, in homes that have a crawl space, mitigation system installations are more expensive and can double depending on the complexity of the installation.

price of radon mitigation system

Here are the three most important factors that influence the price

  1. The area. The larger the square footage, the more powerful the fan in the radon mitigation system must be to effectively mitigate radon on the total footprint of the property. The more powerful the fan, the more expensive the components, so this has an upward influence on the price.
  2. The structure of the property. Load-bearing walls can prevent a mitigation system from extracting radon effectively.  A sub-slab system allows radon to be extracted at the source under the property’s slab before it enters the home’s living air. If a load-bearing wall divides the basement, the footprint under the slab will prevent the system from mitigating over the entire area of the house under the slab. In this case, a fan with two sub-slab outlets may be considered if the room layout allows, and/or installing two independent systems may also be a feasible solution. In both cases, the materials and additional installation time have an upward influence on the price.
  3. The quality of the system. Radon can be fatal. You can’t put a price on health. Deal with a C-NRPP-certified professional so that no element of system effectiveness is compromised.


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