Category: Radon XPro: The business

Achievements – Radon Mitigation System Installation

Our team of experts is able to install radon gas mitigation systems based on the most recent techniques adopted by the NCCR-P and using durable quality materials. 80% of our installations allow us to lower radon concentrations below 30 Bq/m3. Our Design and Installation Experts Mathieu Choinière – Founder of Radon XPro Architect by profession […]

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The Radon XPro Story: Radon Awareness

Radon XPro was set up to respond to a widespread problem in Quebec: How is it that we hear so little about radon, but that it is also dangerous to health?  The founder of Radon XPro, Mathieu Choinière noticed several alarms before deciding to found the company.  The Field of Construction: The First Sound of the Alarm Architect by profession, Mathieu Choinière is surprised to find that […]

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